My 1st Poem – “Dreams”


I don’t want to be just a log on the fire,
I don’t want to be another bird perched on the wire.
I don’t want to be called a back-stabbing liar,
But girl, I want to be your only desire.

Even looking at you causes landslides,
which go on and collide,
tearing up everything inside.
Everything i tried to shield my self from,
the pain, the sorrow, all that good shits gone.

And i can see mine and your perceptions aint one in the same,
so which one of us is normal and which one is insane?
I try to give myself a new meaning – create a new aim,
but all i seem to do is create myself more pain.

And now it feels like an eternity has passed,
she stops and stares, noticed me at last?
All she does is trespass on my heart,
only to look through me as if i was made of glass.

The dreams i’ve been having solidify,
and i look deeper into their hate-filled eyes,
not liking what i see – the darkness that’s starting to overwhelm me,
as i finally realise,
my dreams are you, only in disguise.

By Connor Conway

Please comment, and give constructive criticism ^^”

~ by C. Conway on June 1, 2008.

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