Hidden Riddles Game

Ok, this is a game i started up at ‘my forum‘ which is a:

URL-completion game, similar to many of the other Internet “riddles” that you may have already played. It consists of a series of levels, each of which contains hidden clues that enable you to reach the next level of the game.

Once you’ve figured out the answer to any level’s puzzle/riddle, the location of the next level will always be of the form:



levelis the two-digit number of the level you are trying to reach


answeris the answer that you hope will get you to that level.

For example, suppose that the question for accessing the first level of the game is:

“Who was the first man to walk on the Moon?”

In that case, the desired level would be located at:


See? It’s as easy as that!

The rules for specifying the answer to each level’s puzzle/riddle are very simple:

  • If an answer is more than one word use NO SPACES (eg, Hello people would be: hellopeople)
  • Use only digits (0-9) when specifying numerical answers.
  • Use only lower case letters (a-z) when specifying non-numerical answers.
  • Do not include any kind of punctuation symbols in your answer.

Sooo,, now all you have to do is answer the riddle and find out where to go… Though this one is easy.

If you need help, you may ask below and i will try to help without giving the answers 🙂 Members can feel free to post answers / help between themselves here 🙂

~ by C. Conway on May 13, 2008.

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