Doctor Who S04E06 (The Doctor’s Daughter)

Ok, well that sucked (not the episode, but just the title) because i thought it would actually be the doctor’s daughter as opposed to a ‘machine’ created from the doctor’s DNA.

Anyways, Donna’s idea of giving ‘Jenny’ the name ‘Jenny’ was quite good, so thumbs up to Donna and thumbs down to Marha 😛

Also, it was Donna who noticed about the dates on the walls. Wow, Martha did nothing at all in this episode, lol. She deserves another thumbs down for being so useless 🙂

And i wonder how Jenny came back to life without actually regenerating. Hmm, is it in any way possible for her to have some of Captain Jack’s (Face of Boe’s) DNA as well so she can never die? XD

And it’s been a day sinse i watched this and i’ve already forgotten loads of things that happened, it seems this is all i can remember to write about. So, untill next time… whovians 😉 😛

To see the rating i gave this, and past, episodes 🙂

~ by C. Conway on May 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Doctor Who S04E06 (The Doctor’s Daughter)”

  1. I have to disagree. I think we were made to see how amazing Martha has been since leaving the Doctor and how she could probably do this herself. I’m sorry, she had some amazing scenes in that episode. I think she’s a brilliant actress.

  2. and martha noticed the smell of the flowers so thats something

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