The Impossible Quiz 2 (With Answers)

I suggest playing the previous impossible quiz first as some of the questions you will only get from the previous game questions. But even if you havn’t played the previous impossible quiz you’ll still get it! And just for the record, in my opinion, this one is better than the previous one XD

It’s located here:

Tell us how far you’ve gotten (without the use of the answer sheet i’ll provide below)

Note: I have wrote the answers myself and they are not complete as that’s as far as i can get. So if anyone has gotten any further, please tell me how to get past the other levels!
01) Up his sleevies
02) Paint
03) Earth
04) American
05)  Just click those letters on the keyboard
06) 8
07) press the right arrow on the keyboard
08 ) 10 letters in
09) keep clicking the blobby thing
10) pick up the words ‘a penguin’ and move them to reveal an arrow to click
11) Bring the key to the key hole
12) fine
13) Lederhosen
14) Double click the question number
15) Dog backwards
16) Chris
17) Put your mouse over the brown balloon without touching the red ones
18 ) fly sandwhiches
19) fusestopper
20) press the light switch and pop all the mans zits
21) 30
22) pink clouds
23) move the ‘O’ around the question numer to where you’d win
24) Space
25) When it’s a jar
26) You run. you run so far away
27) press the ‘1’ on the keyboard
28 ) this is sparta!
29) Search for the gem. If you find a bomb move it under the water to stop it. If you find a green bomb – let it explode to gain a skip.
30) click the ‘0’ in 30 (the question number)
31) drive down the M4
32) press the finger
33) click the question number
34) click the button saying ‘death’
35) aim for the face
36) tequila
37) move your mouse away from the screen and let the elephant fall
38 ) press random keyboard buttons ’til the bar fills
39) Bring the key to the door
40) toucan
41) wait until one of the blobs shrink and click it
42) move the left things hand into the other thing
43) (A random question from the previous quiz)
44) What you say!!
45) Click the letteres ‘E’ ‘I’ ‘E’ ‘I’ ‘O’
46) Around orion’s waist
47) Universal serial bus
48 ) USB ports
49) only click what frank says click
50) keep clicking the dogs face when he chews the bone, then keep stroking him.
51) put your mouse over ‘came last’ and click ‘camel’
52) keep rubbing the lamp
53) click next to the ‘G’ in ‘pointing’
54) ?

~ by C. Conway on May 11, 2008.

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