The Impossible Quiz (With Answers)

Okay, so you may or may not have heard of this very addictive game by ‘Splapp-Me-Do’ called ‘the impossible quiz’ but i suggest you have a go at it as it is very fun and hard, hense the use of the word impossible.

It’s located here:

Tell us how far you’ve gotten (without the use of the answer sheet i’ll provide below)

Note: I have wrote the answers myself and they are not complete as that’s as far as i can get. So if anyone has gotten any further, please tell me how to get past the other levels!

01) Four
02) No, but a tin can
03) K.O
04) click ‘the answer’
05) Go around the outside of the screen with your mouse
06) shallots
07) An elephant
08 ) look for a green tick saying ‘yes’
09) the top right one
10) the teeth
11) n
12) Click the dot above the ‘i’
13) f’taang
14) Torch
15) Spell ‘Horse’
16) H
17) Click the question number (17)
18 ) Click the hammer
19) Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Yellow
20) Seal
21) Click the top left one
22) +1 skip
23) Bran
24) Click the ‘v’ in lives
25) Shoe polish
26) Arsefacey
27) Go to 28
28 ) Abundance
29) Egg mayonaise
30) just don’t touch the green
31) Woof. Woof. Woof
32) Babycham and human faeces
33) 7
34) move your mouse to the far right of the screen and wait till all the elephants are gone
35) Wait, and click the green one
36) a walk
37) no way
38 ) mary rose
39) Cylindrical adventures
40) Right click to create a ‘bridge’ then go along it with your mouse
41) Afro
42) The 42nd 42
43) tom cruise
44) Move the piece ’44’ and click inside the hole of the top right hand piece
45) Click the top right one
46) OMGF U Kills Sonikku U Bastud
47) Click the red dot
48 ) Snaaaake!
49) Splapp-Me-Do
50) O.K.
51) Keep clicking
52) 3rd one along
53) … But Pa Might Not
54) No, about 10cm off the ground
55) A gamesconsole for wholemean buiscuits
56) Press in the order: “Blue” “red” “blue” “yellow”
57) Erm… one?
58 ) Shepherds pie
59) Keep clicking the ‘guy’ in the bottom left of the screen
60) yes
61) the top left box
62) The moss
63) Tasteless white wilth
64) Egg > 28
65) Click the ‘largest’
66) Click the ‘!’ after world
67) a big hairy assonist
68 ) Keep stroking the cat
69) Lol, 69
70) using its anus
71) click the green box
72) look for the light switch at the left of the screen
73) the top right box
74) no one knows that
75) ‘escape’ will appear below the number ’75’ as the bomb is about to explode – click it.
76) “Sugar” “honey” “honey”
77) question 77
78 ) ?
79 ) Click the ‘u’
80) Filthy Romanians
81) Keep stroking the poll until thunder strokes it.
82) Clip all off the toe nails – quick!
83) National Dyslexic Assosiation
84) Do what it says
85) i loved it
86) ?

~ by C. Conway on May 10, 2008.

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