Heroes S02E02 (Lizards)

Lizards: Maya and Alejandro are getting even more annoying by the way, although it’s getting confusing with all the people dying around them! What is there power? Haha, Claire lost her car! She wont leave that unlocked again, lol. Claire doesn’t like being the quiet person anymore, everyone’s going t end up knowing by the looks of it, lol. What is this thing killing them all? It almost killed Mrs. Nakamura as well! How’d it get in the cell. In my opinion, the storyline with Peter is looking the best at the moment, closely followed by Hiro’s storyline.

Finally, Claire chopped off her toe! Eww! And that guy who can fly saw her, which is quite good because now she has someone she can talk too, once she realises he can fly!

~ by C. Conway on April 24, 2008.

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