Random Philosophical Question

Ok, last year some time my RE teacher, also being a philosophy teacher, said these philosophical questions which had no answer? So i was wondering, does anyone have an answer to them?!

  1. God is supposedly Omnipotent (All powerfull) and so, can he create a boulder so huge that he can not lift it?
    Now, If you answer yes then he can not be all powerful as there is something he can not do (he wont be able to lift the rock). If you answer no there is also something he can not do (create the rock)
  2. Is this a question?

~ by C. Conway on April 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Random Philosophical Question”

  1. Question 1 is not a real question. People love to pose these seemingly unanswerable questions about an omnipotent diety and then sit back and watch. The problem is that by first specifying the performer of these actions is omnipotent, you can not go on to have that being then do something that violates the assumption of omnipotence.

    If God is a being who, by definition is omnipotent, then he cannot do anything that violates his omnipotence. The whole question is a linguistic contradiction, not theology. Another example of a linguistic contradiction would be a “square circle”. Square, by definition, excludes circle and vice versa. The entity square circle does not exist, by definition. Likewise, there exists no action that an omnipotent being can do that violates the assumption of omnipotence, to ask if such a thing is possible means you did not understand the definition of God. That’s not a mystery, its a simple linguistic truth condition.

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