Doctor Who S04E03 (Planet Of The Ood)

Planet Of The Ood: Well, i watched this episode yesterday and i have to say i thought it was pretty good. Although, to be honest i liked the original 2 episodes featuring the Ood better. At the beginning of the episode i thought the beast was going to be back it it.. really never expected to see a massive Ood brain. Also, that girl who betrayed the doctor (she was working for that company with the Ood.. grr, this is going to bug me now)… anyways, i’m glad the Ood killed her. And the guy who turned into an Ood, that bit reminded me of the empty child episodes quite a bit – although luckily i liked them episodes as well so all was good 😛


~ by C. Conway on April 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Doctor Who S04E03 (Planet Of The Ood)”

  1. I’d have to agree with most things you said there, except i thought it was better than the episodes with the Beast… At least in this they actually used their guns rather than just holding them!

  2. *looks at name*

    This was a great episode.(period)

  3. hi i like the ood too but my favorite episode is the krillitanes,have you seen it?You know the adipoes they are not scary anyway,have you seen the Unicorn and the Wasp?

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