Nickelback – another of my faviorite bands. I’ve been listening to them a lot for the past couple of months really and the first song i had ever heard by them was “here without you baby”. I realise that one is a lot different to their other songs after hearing the rest. Anyways, my faviorite by them are probably:

  • Here without you baby
  • Someone that you’re with
  • Next contestant
  • Saving me
  • Animals
  • How you remind me

Now, most people who listen to Nickelback would most probably say “Rockstar” was one of their best songs but i disagree. I do like it, but i feel the other ones are better – maybe because it’s so overplayed?

~ by C. Conway on April 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Nickelback”

  1. I used to really like them but their music started to annoy me. For example in ‘mistake’ you can’t even really understand what he’s saying as he’s voice is really weird. However, i do like some of their songs… my favorite being ‘breathe’.

  2. I love u nickelback you rock ma house u da best band eva n eva guys play more guitar

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