Simple Plan

Simple Plan

¬†Okay, so i’ve also been listening to Simple Plan a lot lately. There lyrics relate to life a lot and their voices are pretty cool and so all in all, i think they’re a great band. I have all 3 of their albums and i can’t wait for their fourth album to be released. Some of my faviorite songs from all 3 albums are:

  • The End
  • Welcome To My Life
  • I’m Just A Kid
  • Take My Hand
  • Your Love Is A Lie
  • Generation
  • Happy Together

They’re the ones i’ve been listening to the most over the past week or two (based on the amount of plays they have on my iTunes)

~ by C. Conway on April 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Simple Plan”

  1. i love simple plan…do you know when they are coming out with a new cd?

  2. I’m not sure, they only brought out their most recent album “Simple Plan” on February 12th 2008 and so the next one probably wont be out for another year or two. But if you havn’t got “simple plan” i highly reccomend it =D

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