Series 4 Arc

I’ve been searching around the internet and watching the episodes again and i started thinking. It’s possible that the arc of this series is something to do with the shadow proclamation. It has been mensioned in both ‘partners in crime’ and in ‘the fires of pompeii’ as well as in the previous series episode ‘Rose’. I’ll have a look in the next episode to see if it is mensioned as it’s the best i can come up with for this series arc.


~ by C. Conway on April 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Series 4 Arc”

  1. Lol, i don’t know what that is. I watch things you don’t watch and you watch things i don’t watch. Like seriously whats doctor who and stuff…

  2. i think the arc is “medusa cascade”
    it was mentioned in fires of pompeii

  3. But, the shadow proclamation has been mensioned in both episodes already this seried – mesusa cascade has only been mensioned in one. And so, it would be more logical to believe the arc to be something to do with the shadow proclamation (although it’s probably something totally different, lol)

  4. Hey

    I read on wiki there’s no main arc word this year, this with the missing planets, I think it’s a build up of several different things to I think is going to be an interesting finale this year.

  5. But Davies also said the Medusa Cascade would be relevant: remember it was already mentioned by the Master!

  6. Oh yah, to be honest i completely forgot about that – it’s been so long. Well, like tmofee said, maybe there’s not just one arc word but a continuation of many things leading up to a massive finale! yay!

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