Rose vs. Martha vs. Donna

For those of us who have been following Doctor Who for long enough to know who each of those 3 characters are… which of those do you think played the Doctor’s companion the best?

I think Rose was a great companion – she was laid back and was a good actress. Although lately i have been taking a liking to Donna (No, not in that way *rolls eyes*)Β  But i didn’t like Martha that much at all, which is weird because most people say she was the best of the 3.


~ by C. Conway on April 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Rose vs. Martha vs. Donna”

  1. I agree about Donna, becase that Catherine Tate adds a certain flavour to it.

    Rose is just old news now.

  2. Rose wasn’t that great in my eyes. Her jealously over anyone who looked at The Doctor the right (wrong?) way became annoying at the end. I truly thought the ending would of brough Rose full circle, realising that her trips with the Doctor wouldn’t last forever, and maybe we’ll get that this year (who knows, I know whose NOT returning for the xmas special) but all of it with her treatment of Mickey really annoyed me.

    Having Martha the complete opposite, knowing when to leave, working for Torchwood/UNIT, grown up (even if she does miss The Doctor) i was I loved the character. Not too sure about Donna yet, give me a few more episodes…

  3. I see what you mean about Rose being very jealous of people, it was so obvious that she was obsessed with the Doctor. But i am glad Rose is returning for a little bit this serious, i wonder if she’s changed – and it was so weird when we saw her in ‘partners in crime’.

    And that’s the thing i disliked about Martha – she was too grown up copared to Rose and she never really wanted to take as many chances as Rose took.

  4. Took as many chances? She saved the world on the reset year!! πŸ˜€

    If you’ve never seen the old series, you’d probably like Ace. Probably the most fleshed out companion from the old series. She beat up daleks with her baseball bat! πŸ˜€

  5. Haha, okay that’s true, she did save the world, but she saved the world in a more adult way πŸ˜› lol

    And no, i havn’t watced the old series’s. My friend watches them and tells me about them on the odd occasion… i did see part of the very first Dalek episode but all i could do was laugh, haha… so i gave up watching it =]

    LOL, she does sound like a good companion though, now why don’t any of the new companions think of that!

  6. I prefered, and still do prefer, Martha. It was great seeing her in this episode, she really brought the season back to life!

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