Are you an idiot?

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My 3rd Poem – “Days Go By”

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…Days Go By…

So, now i’ll put my pen to the paper – i’ve become inspired by those here before me,
I’ve finally found an outlet for my thoughts – a way of telling my story.

Each day i spend with her, is one more day it hurts,
and the pain i feel is real, no matter how much it diverts.
She doesn’t realise what i’m feeling, even with my best efforts,
so maybe i should give up, and find some new comforts?


Don’t give up on life, and life wont give up on you,
keep your dreams close to your heart, and maybe one day they’ll come true.
Dreams give a higher meaning – give us something to persue,
so don’t let your dreams run loose, just replay them through and through.

Maybe this is a curse, but this is what i chose to pursue,
i never intended for you to traverse upon my heart – if only you knew.
I wonder if you’d review how this gap grew between me and you,
and see me as more than a simple being – someone so see-through.

Yesterday has come and gone,
and i’m sat here wondering why my feelings for you are so strong.
Am i in the right? Will everything always be so wrong?
i just wish i had somewhere to say, was where i belong.

But as another day ends, a new day begins to dawn,
again i’m rendered useless – i’m the mere pawn.
I remember taking photo’s with you, out by the lawn,
and it hurts so bad, but do i really need to be with withdrawn?


Don’t give up on life, and life wont give up on you,
keep your dreams close to your heart, and maybe one day they’ll come true.
Dreams give a higher meaning – give us something to persue,
so don’t let your dreams run loose, just replay them through and through.

By Connor Conway

My 2nd Poem – “You Were”

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…You Were…

You were the reason I’d live,
And the reason I’d Die.
The reason I wanted to smile,
The reason I’d break down and cry.

The first time I saw you,
I stared you in the eye.
You were all mine,
And that weren’t a lie.

You said you loved me,
You said I was yours.
Why would you say that?
Don’t you feel remorse?

I dunno what changed,
I dunno why it’s not like that any more.
Maybe it was me,
All I know is that it feels sore.

I‘m sitting here wondering, did you really care?
Did you even think of me when I wasn’t there?
I’m puzzled, Dazed, was I ever in your heart?
Or did you plan on using me from the very start?

As i’m writing this, alone and confused,
Is it that much to ask for,
Not to be used?

It’s time for me to move on,
Although I may never no.
Right now I’m all alone,
Ready to fade and go.

By Connor Conway

My 1st Poem – “Dreams”

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I don’t want to be just a log on the fire,
I don’t want to be another bird perched on the wire.
I don’t want to be called a back-stabbing liar,
But girl, I want to be your only desire.

Even looking at you causes landslides,
which go on and collide,
tearing up everything inside.
Everything i tried to shield my self from,
the pain, the sorrow, all that good shits gone.

And i can see mine and your perceptions aint one in the same,
so which one of us is normal and which one is insane?
I try to give myself a new meaning – create a new aim,
but all i seem to do is create myself more pain.

And now it feels like an eternity has passed,
she stops and stares, noticed me at last?
All she does is trespass on my heart,
only to look through me as if i was made of glass.

The dreams i’ve been having solidify,
and i look deeper into their hate-filled eyes,
not liking what i see – the darkness that’s starting to overwhelm me,
as i finally realise,
my dreams are you, only in disguise.

By Connor Conway

Weird Writing Maker

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Medusa Cascade –> мє∂υѕα ¢αѕ¢α∂є or ๓є๔ยรค ςครςค๔є

Doctor Who –> ∂σ¢тσя ωнσ or ๔๏ςt๏г ฬђ๏

and more!

Omg, funniest similie quote :P

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Well, i never do quotes but this one one ultra funny so i’ll make an excetion😛

*drum role*

Tom: I’m sweating like a peadafile in a nursery

Hidden Riddles Game

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Ok, this is a game i started up at ‘my forum‘ which is a:

URL-completion game, similar to many of the other Internet “riddles” that you may have already played. It consists of a series of levels, each of which contains hidden clues that enable you to reach the next level of the game.

Once you’ve figured out the answer to any level’s puzzle/riddle, the location of the next level will always be of the form:


levelis the two-digit number of the level you are trying to reach


answeris the answer that you hope will get you to that level.

For example, suppose that the question for accessing the first level of the game is:

“Who was the first man to walk on the Moon?”

In that case, the desired level would be located at:

See? It’s as easy as that!

The rules for specifying the answer to each level’s puzzle/riddle are very simple:

  • If an answer is more than one word use NO SPACES (eg, Hello people would be: hellopeople)
  • Use only digits (0-9) when specifying numerical answers.
  • Use only lower case letters (a-z) when specifying non-numerical answers.
  • Do not include any kind of punctuation symbols in your answer.

Sooo,, now all you have to do is answer the riddle and find out where to go… Though this one is easy.

If you need help, you may ask below and i will try to help without giving the answers:) Members can feel free to post answers / help between themselves here:)


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